Alicia Lukacs-Hall

Galactic Guide.Priestess.Facilitator. 
Multidimensional Healing

Mutidimensional Energy Healing is a holistic (and super ancient) approach that activates the body's subtle energy systems to realign the energy to its Divine Blueprint. By breaking through these energetic blocks, activating & realigning the energy system, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. Healing takes place on all 4 levels ~ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Channeling  high vibrational cosmic energy into soul, activating & realigning the energies while removing the energy traumas held deep within the soul, from multiple dimensions and timelines offers results of balance, alignment & positive transformation.

About Me


Galactic Evolution Guide

Krystal Sun Priestess,

Multidimensional Facilitator,

Unity Ambassador,

Cosmic Light Warrior,

Vibrational Creator

Quantum Weaver;

I am here to assist, guide & empower

Souls & Starseeds to embody their true Divine Soul Essence, Ascension journey & the evolution of Unity Consciousness, co-creating HeavenONEarth

Star SiStar, Alicia

Cosmic Classes
& Workshops

Gather & connect with me in Krystalline Ascension's Private Network~a Community of Conscious Souls & Starseeds who are embodying their Divine Essence & Ascension Journey!

"You are here for a purpose, a unique mission! There is no other soul the same as you! We are all important, as we are All a special piece of the puzzle!"
Alicia Lukacs-Hall

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