Alicia Lukacs-Hall

Galactic Guide.Priestess.Facilitator. 

About Me

I was born into a family where New Age knowledge & material was known & practiced. My mom had always practiced & had books on hand & foot therapy, meditation, visualization, crystals, dream interpretation, past lives and more. She had even recorded her own meditations for us on cassette that we listened to before going to bed. As a young introverted child I had many imaginary friends and had always questioned my parents why everything wasn't for free~it just never made sense. As I grew older my love for Unicorns was spread into my room and I had enjoyed star gazing out my window. It was in my teens when I became more interested into other new age/metaphysical ideas to explore, learn and practice them.


High school is where I met my husband. The first time I had ever saw him, I waved to him, not knowing him in this lifetime, but that feeling as if you had known this soul forever. Learning he was deaf had only made my journey more interesting. Learning sign language daily became a top priority for me in the morning from a sign language dictionary. Connecting right away & having so much to chat about, sharing the same goals we hit it off and married right after high school. In 2019, we found out we were married in many lifetimes...both of us not surprised!


Before having children I developed severe hyperthyroidism. At that time I had many of the symptoms and was told I would have this my entire life. At the same time of finding this out, I was pregnant with my first child. At that time, I was looking to heal my body naturally. Since it was severe and needed medical attention I saw a specialist and went on the medications & followed the doctors orders. To balance and heal my body naturally I went to a natural path (changing my diet too), had Reiki sessions, as well as Akashic Records consultations. From the sessions, I then when in to do inner healing for myself. I did everything I could to clear what I had created and heal my physical body. Long story short, my medication decreased (to going off of it), my blood work improved and I no longer had hyperthyroidism. I truly believe it was the "inner" work, healing the root cause of my emotional trauma that was manifesting in physical form.


After high school we then created our 4 beautiful Rainbow souls to complete our Rainbow family! Each 3 years apart and going in the order of my vision board (boy-girl-boy-girl)..we created our exact divine vision. I would have so much to say about each of these Star Seeds, but I am ever so happy & grateful they chose us! I am blessed to be sacredly connected with these Divine Beings who are bridges to our HeavenONEarth. I love assisting them to expand, connect to ONEness, remember who they truly are, what their soul purpose is and to align them with Cosmic Consciousness as Krystalline Rainbow Light Beings.


Along the way of creating our family, I started to expand myself more on my spiritual journey taking Akashic Record Levels 1-3, Reiki Practitioner Levels 1&2, Reiki Master, EFT course, The Jai Institute for Parenting (Conscious Parenting) Course. I've always been passionate about expanding my consciousness! When all 4 souls were at school I knew it was my time to really go deep and focus on myself and to start living my soul purpose. I started asking daily (knowing inside I wanted to teach/guide Star Seeds but on a different level other then a school teacher) “what is the best healing method for children” or along those lines. It brought me to a website called Star Magic Healing. I read about it and was very attracted to it & felt that I had seen the website before. At that time I started to listen to Jerry Sargeant's free meditations that I found on the internet. Immediately I had felt these meditations were very powerful and had a high frequency! Later I joined the very powerful meditation library that he has and then signed myself up to take his Star Magic Facilitator Training Level 1 course! Before attending I had a Soul Realignment done by Eva Lukacs which started my new journey off in amazing ways!! Once attending the training course, it changed my life and advanced my spiritual awakening & journey. Its hard for me to describe in words, but I do know that I came back different. I expanded my consciousness, I saw & felt things I never did before, spoke my soul language, elevated my vibration, had some AHA moments, I was opened up to a whole new world, universe, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and so much more.


Since then, I've became an Accredited Star Magic Facilitator Energy Healer and have also joined the Star Magic Academy! The Star Magic Academy's Vision is to “build healing centres in strategic locations around the Planet and to train dedicated people to work with us, inside these centres, side by side, to elevate the frequency of our human family and Mother Earth herself.” My vision/purpose includes guiding Souls back to Love & Light so they can expand, connect to Source, remember who they are & align to cosmic consciousness. I've also connected with so many more awakened souls and continue to be passionate about learning, raising my vibration & expanding my consciousness daily!


I attended Level 2 Star Magic Facilitator Training in 2019! It was deeply expansive & my soul felt so much Love & Light vibrating inside. When I was there, I truly remembered why we are here and who we are! I became fully aligned with cosmic consciousness! I resonate with Jerry Sargeant's description of Level 2 "you will step into a new level of truth and wisdom, dive further into the inner workings of the cosmic fabric, blend the physical with the metaphysical, know your true purpose on this planet, reach a new, heightened and expanded vibrational state, truly know how to stay there 24/7, love the real you at a more profound level, connect with crystalline grids that will rock your world to the next Universe and back and totally blast away any old programming so you can step fully into your divine wisdom, power and authenticity.....and that's just the tip of the iceberg"


After attending Level 2 I also began connecting on a deeper level with my soul and my mission, aligning with the light frequencies! I facilitate multidimensional transmutation, healing, weaving and activations by integrating Galactic and ancient healing modalities, techniques & soul technology with my Cosmic Team. This includes my Higher Selves, the Krystal Sun, the Stars, Akashic Realm, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, Galactive Collectives, 9D Pleiadians, Oraphim Collective, God/Sophia & Interdimensional Beings. As I step into my role as a Galactic Activator & Krystal Sun Priestess, I channel wisdom and healing with Light language, Light codes, Light sounds, Star Light, Krystal Sun Codes of Consciousness, the Violet Ray Vortex Transmuter, the Cosmic Heart and frequency expressions. I am a Celestial Guide & Wisdom Keeper for the Collective Transformation, as I work intuitively with Interdimensional high vibrational BEings where we exchange light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect change on a quantum level.



Guiding Souls & Starseeds to activate their true Divine Soul Essence, to embody their Ascension journey & the evolution of Unity Consciousness, co-creating HeavenONEarth

Star SiStar, Alicia

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Cosmic art above by Ariane Saffron of my Highest Self on Earth~

Galactic Krystal Sun Priestess

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*Reiki Level 1,2,3, Master

*E.F.T.-Emotional FreedomTechnique

*Conscious Parent Coach @

  The Jai Institute for Parenting

*Akashic Records 1,2,3

*Star Magic Facilitator 1,2

*Quantum Holographic Reiki 1