5D Energy Alignments!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Offering 5D Energy Alignments! 🌟🌟🧬🧬🌀🌀💖💖🌈🌈🌟🌟

Want to raise your vibration? Ready to align with cosmic consciousness? Ready to transform & be in cosmic flow?

Right now, as most know we are now operating with the New Earth 5D energy template which is super high vibrational energy! Can you feel it? For some we are feeling it emotionally or physically. Here are what some are going through to release: sadness, anger, confusion, forgetfulness, dizziness, heart pain, back pain, stomach upset and many more while some days you be feeling the new 5D energy of happiness, pure bliss, excitement, peace, unity, compassion, love & many more!

PS plus there are a few planets in retrograde AND an eclipse..the energy is intense!

I’m offering for the months of July & August 5D Energy Alignments for $55! I will align your energy with the new 5D energy so you can embrace it and be in cosmic flow! I will be facilitating the Alignments at distance. What does distance mean? You are in the comfort of your own home as well as I am in mine. We schedule a time and I connect with your hologram. Not to worry, we are all energy so I can connect with any soul from anywhere!

During the alignment what may I feel? You may feel nothing, you may feel relaxed, peaceful or tired, you may feel or even see the beautiful energy around you aligning, you may feel/see old emotions arise (that’s ok just feel into it), or you may feel pure bliss. Everyone has their own experience.

After the alignment what may I feel? As you expand your consciousness & be in cosmic flow you may have to release emotions to allow in the new expanded emotions in, the world may feel and look more vibrant, you may feel pure bliss, you may feel that life starts to flow, you may have a “knowing” of why you are here, you may awaken and start to remember who you truly are...lots can change for your highest good! Again, everyone will have their own unique experience bc we are all unique souls!

How long does it take? Around 15 min. Energy is powerful & quick~surrender & embrace!

Contact me today to book your 5D Energy Alignment for $55 🧬


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