I set examples & provide ascension tools for my children that empower themselves to be consciously responsible and become masters of their ascension! 

My 9 years young (Starseed)-his awareness of Energy and letting go of what no longer serves him. (He’s a # person!) Creating his own technique of what resonated with him by integrating some techniques I have shared with them. He explained to me exactly how he did it too. This was the important part of his message to me-the self empowerment! 

“Mom I now feel today I am 75% Light and 25% Dark. I was able to let go of a lot of the darkness. I think I will do that every-night. I understand what you mean now. I feel good today. Like more Light then Dark.” 🧡




#GalacticActivator #CosmicLightworker








#LightCodes #LightSounds

#UNITY #LoveisLight



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