Activating Your Inner Wisdom & Truth with Light (Heart) Language

Activation Audio is activating your Divine inner Wisdom & Truth.

I intended to create a short activation, so a few interdimensional Beings (of Love & Light) stepped in to share their ancient wisdom. Each word carries an ancient story.

*The drawing itself activates your Divine Wisdom & Truth

*the Golden Age, the Great Awakening, the Aquarius Age, the Rebirth, the Reset... has been known from time before time

*Many timelines are coexisting at once

*many are awakening/downloading/activating ancient wisdom, truth, healing

*gather with those who speak & lead from the cosmic heart

*transmuting from inner earth and extending it out to humanity/planet

*sending high vibrational love & light of Christ consciousness to all of humanity/planet

If you resonate, breathe this in.


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