Cosmic Oracle Messages

Personalized Cosmic Oracle card spread readings from 1 of the 3 Oracle Decks (Magical Dimensions, Archangel Animal or Dragon). The reading delves deep into the subconscious and emotions and provides core insights into the deeper underlying issues. The placements will show what the energies are surrounding your question, and the tools needed to move past blocks with ease and grace. 

You receive a picture of your 7cards layout, an audio insight for each card, & intuitive message(s).


Love is Light, Alicia💜

#GalacticActivator #CosmicLightworker #CelestialGuide #WisdomKeeper

#KrystalSunPriestess #StarMagicFacilitator

#MultidimensionalHealer #FrequencyKeeper #Frequencytransmuter

#LightCodes #LightSounds #UNITYAmbassador #HeavenONEarth

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