Freedom Birthright Frequencies

Divine Light Language & Vibrational Expression. Short, yet powerful as each word carries divine frequencies speaking to your Soul on a Higher Dimension.

Freedom Birthright

*activating your freedom birthright

*interstellar gateway within through Self

*YOU are a gateway, a Portal

*only you hold your own Key to unlock this activation

*receive the Divine Key & place into Higher Heart

Disclaimer: clear, align and protect yourself before listening to the activation. When receiving the Key, ask 3 times if it’s for your highest good & from a place of pure unconditional love. If answer is YES 3 times, proceed to place into Heart.

Sacred Flute by,

Anthony Barr Sacred Sevens

The God & Goddess Within

Love is Light,


#GalacticActivator #CosmicLightworker








#LightCodes #LightSounds

#UNITY #LoveisLight



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