Divine Feminine

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Since returning from my Level 2 Star Magic Facilitator training course I have deeply connected with expanding my Light Language. I love connecting daily, which allows my creativity, sacred connection & self expression to be fully embraced. I feel my vibration rise, I feel the upgrades, healing, downloads, activations & more! As I create and write Light Language, I speak it. One day I will share voice recordings to go along with them! I will begin to start sharing 1 Light Language each week with messages for the mass consciousness.

Divine Feminine

We ALL have both Feminine and Masculine energy within our souls and also the space around us. Its great to have a balance of both. But in recent years, this year in particular, we were needed to embrace and allow in more Feminine energy. The energy is about birthing & connecting to the energies of; ideas/inventions, creativity, self expression, intuition, BEing, experiencing, collaboration, compassion, & receiving!

The Divine Feminine is our Mother Gaia.

We can connect on a daily basis to Feminine Energy.

One easy step to connecting or reconnecting with her is to go outside and place your bare feet (or even your hands) on the ground for as long as you need or want. Connect, be still, breath deeply & slowly from the belly and feel the energy. Thank her for all that she IS.

Mantra "I am Mother Gaia".

A fun way to connect or reconnect to the feminine energy is to get creative! Paint, draw, write a poem, play, create, build, redecorate a room. I myself, am really enjoying creating ideas of Random Acts of Kindess...trying 1(or more!) everyday. If feels amazing to do so!

Connection is so important to our souls. Put the electronics away and connect even if its just for a bit or as much as you can. Look into each others eyes as you speak. Hug each other & don't be the last to let go! Connect with the elements-Go out in nature, swim, take a bath to be submerged in water, light a candle or sit by a bonfire.

Be aware of your emotions. Hand on heart & ask yourself what emotion you are feeling. Feel into them. Thank them for the awareness & lessons they are teaching you. And then let them go.

Learn to receive with love and joy. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable when receiving compliments, gifts, help and more. Open your heart & receive. You may even start with a simple "thank you" as you receive. When we are able to receive unconditional love and fill ourselves with it that we become it, we are then able to give unconditional love. Balancing both, giving (Masculine) & receiving (Feminine).

Be with this Light Language picture~connect with it, breath slowly & deeply from the belly, feel the energy, & receive the energy.

Love & Light, Alicia

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