Halloween~a time of Rebirth🖤🔥

The earliest recorded celebration of Halloween was held by the Ancient Celts (over 2,000 years ago), who celebrated Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), which means “end of summer”. Samhain began after the sun set on October 31st, marked the beginning of their New Year, and symbolized “rebirth”. (November 1=111). The number means signifies the manifestation of wealth and prosperity. It’s a strong number that relates to the possibility of your thoughts becoming your reality. 

Ancient Celtic Priests tapped into the spiritual realms of Halloween’s “thinner veil”, (the veils between the physical and spiritual planes) 

They used it as a time for honoring the dead, spell-casting, and huge celebrations!

I invite you today to use this ancient knowledge of Halloween today. To honour the dead, 

🖤purification. sage yourself and your home

🖤release all that which no longer serves you-you can do this with letter burning. You can do this with sage, a candle, a crystal or whatever resonates with you when writing your releases and then release it into the fire (be responsible). You can also release with breathwork by deep belly breaths and feeling into the emotions no longer serving you and letting it go with grace & love. 

🖤 celebrate by setting powerful intentions for yourself and for the Collective Consciousness. Write your intentions as a gratitude letter as if it is already manifested and you are living it! “I am so grateful now that I .......” End your Intention/Gratitude letter in ...”all of this or something better and for the highest good of all concerned.”

🖤as the veils are thin, you can channel to receive sacred & powerful messages from Beings of “PURE Divine Love” (be sure to state this). Or you can try channeling through automatic writing~always interesting! 

🖤meditate. A meditation to raise your frequency, a journey to other realms, or maybe even a meditation that amplifies your frequency as you visualize your intentions & highest version of self/world! 

*before any of these suggestion, protect, ground and align yourself*

Have a sacred evening! 🖤🔥🖤









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