Keep your Endocrine System Strong

Next stage: keep your Endocrine system strong! Many are already being energetically attacked through this system! If it comes energetically, it manifests physically. Some are already having physical symptoms of a weakened endocrine system. Extreme fatigue sound familiar? Heart disruptions? Yes, I understand that lots of high potency frequencies are entering into our atmosphere, however the darkness is also coming in strong as well. Building a strong endocrine system (continue with a strong immune system), detoxing the heavy metals, ***INNER*** work, and recently what I have done in my multidimensional healing sessions is download new Light Body Armours with additional tools/devices one can use for dream & wake time! Pay attention to your vivid dreams. If you need assistance or guidance in healing your INNER work or a new upgraded Light Body Armour for sleep-time Lightworking (especially if you are not consciously Lightworking in the daytime) then email me today at

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