Krystal Heart Activator Wand-Galactic Soul Technology


This is a KEY to unlock your Krystal Heart, Higher Wisdom, Higher Love & Higher Power. This is Sacred Galactic Soul Technology. Ascension tool. 

Activation: Opens, aligns & activates your Krystal Heart (your Higher Heart). Cleansing and enlightening all 33 chambers. Infused with codes to clearly communicate from your Krystal Heart (your throat to speak Divine Wisdom). Infinity codes infused.  Infused with the 3-fold Flame (of violet/electric pink, sapphire blue, gold/yellow) plasma light representing Divine Love, Divine Power & Divine Wisdom and/or Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Androgynous. Thymus gland activated to the degree of the Higher Self chooses to integrate at this time. Activated with Mother Mary, Chamuel, Apollo, Lumina, Commander Ashtar, Sophia Seraphim, Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith, Oraphim Collective (hybrids of Lyran/Pleiadian/Sirian/Avian), Arcturian Collective, Pink Dragons from Andromeda, Rainbow Dragons & Unicorns. Infused with the Krystal Spiral.

Check out more detailed info of the Rose Quartz Crystal, Palo Santo, & copper wire and why it’s wrapped 10 times at

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