Message from the Dragonfly

Surrounded by divine messages through dragonflies, butterflies & birds yesterday once again! This one however let me get up close and personal! Just as a few butterflies did! Tapping into the beautiful magic of nature and their dragonfly divine wisdom.

Here is part of the channeled message for me to share from the Dragonfly! 

We are Light Keepers of Divine Magic! We hold the Light within-as you hold within you. Embrace your Light within! Spread your Light within to all-the time is Now. To remind those of their Light within. To reawaken those of their Light within. Inviting you to join by stepping into and feeling my pure frequency of peace, joy, stillness, beauty, grace, wisdom & magic! Experience the nature elemental energies. 










#LightCodes #LightSounds

#UNITY #LoveisLight


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