Multidimensional Holographic Light Body Upgrade

*Upgrade of your Light Body Armour for Dreamtime, Awake & Inbetween

*5th Dimensional Light Body Alignment

*13 Chakra Cleanse, Alignment & Expansion


*High frequency energy is coming in and the dark energy has also stepped up their game. Upgrading your Light Body armour during sleep time is so needed at this time. There are many who are battling as they sleep consciously & unconsciously! This will assist your Light Body with a high frequency protection and less drain on your physical energy. 

*Aligning your Light Body into the 5D energies raises your vibration, aligns you with the cosmic consciousness and shifts your 3D template to the new 5D template. 

*Cleansing, aligning & expanding all 13 chakras will leave you energetically clean, balanced, grounded, connected and aligned on all 4 levels of your Being. The most common chakras are the main 7 chakras, however I go 1 step further to align your 13 Light Body chakras that are now being upgraded. Even though we have more then 13 chakras, I work All the way down to your Earth Star & then to the top at your Christ Self Star! 

$222 remote-1hr










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