Pink Amethyst

Alicia LUKACS-HALL8:59 AM (6 minutes ago) to me

Sending out to you the frequency of my Pink Amethyst. Open your heart, Breathe this powerful loving vibration in, if you would like to receive. (I have protected the crystal and the receiver in the Quantum field). This frequency connects you to your heart, third eye and crown chakras. Open yourself up to love & guidance from your Higher Selves. View your life & experiences from a Higher perspective. Breathe in, accept, embrace and integrate this Divine Love. Even though the colour is soft, it is a very powerful frequency that awakens the crown chakra, so you are able to act upon and follow divine intuition where you are guided by Self & aspects of your Higher Selves. Surround yourself in this frequency will assist you in radiating Divine Love, and accepting others for who they truly are (on a Soul level). #GalacticActivator

#CosmicLightworker #CelestialGuide #WisdomKeeper #KrystalSunPriestess #StarMagicFacilitator #MultidimensionalHealer #FrequencyKeeper #Frequencytransmuter #LightCodes #LightSounds #UNITY #LoveisLight #HeavenONEarth

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