Serapis Bey

*Master of Ancient Wisdom

*Master of Ancient Teachings

*Member of the Great White Brotherhood

*Lord of the 4th Ray, the White Ray of purity,  beauty & harmony 

*Ascension Flame

Serapis Bey is the beloved master who disciplines us in the initiations for the ascension. Serapis teaches that the path of the ascension is the path of love. He says it is love and the dream of love fulfilled. So we know that it is the way of love that leads to the way of purity. Serapis Bey emphasizes harmony and discipline. 

The ascension flame corresponds to the base-of-the-spine chakra. The white chakra is the focal point of the energy of Mother, the Goddess Kundalini. Whatever way we pursue the flame of Divine Mother’s Love, it is the raising up of this energy to the crown of life and to the third eye, cleansing and clearing our chakras and auras

Among other requirements for the ascension are the balancing of the threefold flame and the alignment of the four lower bodies—the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies—so that they can be pure chalices for the flame of the Holy Spirit. Communicating with him daily brings purification of your Karma-order of balance. 

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