SHE-RA Princess of Power

I purchased a wire wrap crown to activate with frequencies of one of my Higher Self, a Galactic Krystal Sun Priestess.  I placed it on my head and it brought me to the memory of SHE-RA! Anyone remember this?! Once recalling this, I remember watching her all the time & being my fav! Even still have my childhood lunch pail of her on it! 

Embracing her now-She-Ra Warrior Princess of Power with her Unicorn, Protection Sword, Planet Magical Girl, Divine Light, Protection of the Crystal Core & Crystal Castle, the Rose Gold Flame symbol, a spin off based on the “Masters of the Universe” and lead a group of freedom warriors, RA meaning Sun! I look back on all the synchronicities to who I’m embodying now (Krystal Sun Priestess), aware now why that TV show resonated so deeply with me! 


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