Soul Technology

I asked what Wisdom can I share with humanity at this time to assist with our ascension?

My Guide from my Cosmic Team, possibly one of my higher selves, a beautiful diamond white Mantis Being stepped forward and began to share with me telepathically about soul technology advancement. She has shared some of her Divine Wisdom before around this through downloads of words and pictures and that is why I’m still in the process of creating what we have chatted about. However, today she brought a message forward to share.

“Soul Technology advancement is yet to be seen at its greatest capacity. We will encounter soul technology we couldn’t phantom in this Earth world. Who are we to say this cannot be? We are limiting ourselves daily. We are dumbing down our future generations of Starseeds who came here to bring in Light~SOUL technology of advancement to humanity to collaborate in creating New Earth.”

Our education-school system is collapsing. She is not referring to the “new normal”. NOW is the time to step into your Divine SELF~go within, awaken, release, heal, transform to then share your unique Light, wisdom, creations, inventions.......

Disclaimer: Channeled message from Interdimensional Being of Light












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