Summer Solstice

The energy is flowing in-so pure, so potent is Divine Light filled with Christ and Sophia Codes of Consciousness here to release upgrade and renew our DNA systems. Spend time in nature, going within and meditation this weekend. Our time is now, fellow Lightworkers, Light Keepers, Light Transmuters. Embody this light into every organ, every system, every cell, bone, tissue, muscle..Absorb this Light as it brings you to Higher Love, which is Light. Love is Light, Light is Love. Allow the transmutation fires and vortexes burn up and transmute the lower energies around you, in you and within Mother Gaia. Cleanse your soul. Detox bath. Then connect with the Light and bathe in this Light. Accept the Light and the activations. Breathe in the Light-integrate, integrate, integrate. Open your heart to give and to receive. Go outside, plant your feet into the ground to do so. Where we can walk with Grace, in peace, of higher Love & Light, these are the new foot prints being placed upon our new earth. Keep your frequency high. Truths uncovered, fears surface, face and transmute. Call upon the threefold flame (Violet/pink-Gold-Blue) Into your heart, then expanded out into all four levels of your being. Create your and our new reality from here, in this state of Being. From a place of highest intention, one of high frequency, with a higher heart, surrounded in higher Light.

Love is Light, Alicia 💜🔆

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