White Buffalo Calf Woman



*Inspirational Spirit for the Lakota People

*Seven Sacred Rituals

*The Sacred Pipe

*messages from Ancestors

*Power of creation

She is traditionally known as an individual who brings messages from the ancestors, but she has also been regarded as a healer who comes to help during critical situations. White Buffalo Calf Woman brings inspiration, strength, and the power of creation.

Call upon Her as your guide, teacher, mentor, and/or healer!

One of the most important tools in Lakota rituals is a sacred pipe - chanunpa. The one who showed them how to use it was White Buffalo Calf Woman. The legends say that she took a pipe and filled it with regional tobacco, then walked around a lodge four times. This is how she showed the people the endless circle - a sacred road of life. She told the Lakota people that the smoke rising from the bowl while she was dancing was the breath of Tunkashila, the living breath of the great Grandfather of Mystery.

The Seven Sacred Rites: The seven traditional rituals use the sacred pipe in accordance

with the Buffalo Calf Woman’s teachings:

1. The Keeping of the Soul

2. Inipi: The Sweat Lodge Ceremony or Rite of Purification

3. Hanblecheyapi: Vision Quest

4. Wiwanyag Wachipi: The Sun Dance Ceremony

5. Hunkapi: Making Relatives

6. Ishnata Awicalowan: Preparing a Girl for Womanhood

7. Tapa Wanka Yap: Throwing the Ball

From The Sophia Code: As a Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentor I teach you how to live in right relations with yourself, your community, and your beautiful planet. I seeded knowledge of who I am in a prophetic lineage of medicine bundles, teachings, and rites of initiation that I delivered in my Holy transmission to the Sioux.

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